We Specialize in Organizing


All Areas of the Home

Business & Office Spaces

Homes & spaces for those who are transitioning to long term care facilities

We also help those who have lost a loved one and are unsure where to begin

Whatever the space is in need of organization, we are here to help

Pricing & Packages


(All pricing & packages include two organizers.)

$120.oo Per hour (2hr min)

*Single 5hr Session

$570.oo (5% Discount)

*8 Hours of Service

$860.oo (10% Discount)

*12 Hours of Service

$1,220 (15% Discount)

*24 Hours of Service

$2,160 (25% Discount)

Maintain & Refresh your space


(Available for existing clients only.)

*One 3hr session

$270.oo (25% Discount)

Every package consists of the time organizers spend in your home/office as well as time spent discarding donations on your behalf, and shopping for necessary supplies with an additional shopping fee of 10% above purchase price.

Serving the Cherokee County Georgia area

For clients outside of our area of service: Please note there is a service fee of $1.oo per mile.

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Serving the Cherokee Co, Georgia area